In 1934, the Infantry Journal was in disarray. Subscribers had dwindled to less than 4,000 as the “atrociously written articles” and Great Depression made the three-dollar subscription too much for many. Fortunately, Major General Edward Croft, the Chief of Infantry, appointed Major Edwin Harding as editor. Empowered, Harding renewed Infantry.

Today, the United States Army’s professional publications require renewal as Harding renewed Infantry Journal in the 1930s. But renewal requires more with special attention to stewardship, modernization, digital archives, and educating the force.

Four Point Platform

The Army's publications have renewed before, and now is the time for a modest investment.

  1. Steward the Army’s journals with improved staffing. Empower a single organization to coordinate, advocate for, and oversee professional bulletins; invest in editorial staff positions; and carefully select and train journal editors.

  2. Establish a modern platform. Republish DA Pam 25-40 to set modern procedures for professional bulletins; web-first, mobile-friendly platform supported by social media; and develop a new outlet that shares lessons and information in a lightly moderated and edited format.

  3. Improve archive accessibility. Consolidate, split, tag, and index journals by article on a platform that eases search and citation of Army journals.

  4. Refine writing education. Refine writing professional military education to include objectives related to professional writing, and invest in those with the aptitude and inclination to write.

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US Army Captain
Leyton has served as an Infantryman in the Army for 12 years.